What is Sonic Dissent?
Sonic Dissent is a hardcore netlabel established in early 2009 by two friends who realized the hardcore techno genre isn't represented prominently enough in the online free netlabel-scene, and after little thought given, set out to change that.
What's the goal of Sonic Dissent?
To make some noise, throw some bassdrums around, and have the fans of hardcore enjoy our stuff.
What genres is Sonic Dissent covering?
The short version is: take a listen to our stuff - pretty much that.
We're very much mainstylers, admittedly, but we want to use that as a starting point - we make music we enjoy listening to, be it hardstyle, frenchcore, industrial, speedier stuff or slower, more anthemic. However, we're certainly not into "powerrave" and the kind of mainstyle that makes people cringe - and of course, being a "true" hardcore label, hardstyle is probably the most extreme deviation we want to make, so if you're looking for trance and happy hardcore, this might not be your place to look.
Is Sonic Dissent open for artists?
Yes! Send us a mail and show your stuff, and we'll be happy to release it. Be reminded though, we're picky bastards - our releases will give you a good picture of what we might be looking for. If you feel you fit in, by all means, do send your stuff!
Are Sonic Dissent releases for free?
Yes, we want our music to be heard with as many people as possible. Of course, if you're an actual label interested in releasing our stuff on vinyl, send us a mail, we're up for all kinds of ideas - but the core concept of Sonic Dissent is to have our stuff accessible as easy as possible.
Are there any Sonic Dissent live performances? Is there booking possible?
Not at the moment - but as soon as our back catalogue shapes up, we'll be able to do live mixes, so keep a lookout.